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Love & Compassion & Empathy

While we may all agree, Valentine’s Day may be a manufactured holiday, let’s not forget that it reminds us to get in touch with our inner senses such as love, compassion, and empathy.

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Family Friendly Top 5 DIY Projects

Looking for a little special one-on-one time with your grandchild? Put down the electronic devices and check out these 5 Do It Yourself projects that will be fun for all of you!*

Winter Therapy — Declutter!

With the winter season upon us, and Groundhog Day having just passed, we’re left with a few more weeks of cold and darkness to stare down, coupled with some straggling leftover holiday bills

The Perfect Sweet Treat for Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, step up your average gift for your special someone with this amazing chocolate truffle recipe. We are sure that your Valentine’s heart and taste buds will LOVE you for theses truffles. Have a beautiful day!


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Get up close and personal with Leslie & Kay, founders of, in this live radio interview with #Grand radio.
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