Leslie and Kay Jan 1 2020We are delighted to welcome you into our Grandparentslink community! We believe grand parenting is a dimension so special, it actually creates a lifestyle. Here at Grandparentslink, we give you a little bit of everything: original features on health & well being, fun things to do with your grandchildren and yourselves, ideas to explore that make grandparenting even more gratifying, scrumptious recipes to share with your family and friends, and a whole trove of relevant information right at your fingertips. As you navigate your grandparent journey, we are here to guide you and take the walk with you. Our intent is to keep you in the know! After all, it is about you, your life, and then some as a grandparent, and parent.

As two ‘ready, willing and able’ grandmas, with a whole lotta personal experience, we have partnered and developed a site where grandparenting meets cool. We think today’s grandparents think younger, act younger, are younger, and are more involved with their grandchildren than our own parents’ generation. We are here to raise the bar on grandparenting,

A bit about us… we met on holiday in Hawaii many moons ago, where we quickly became best girl friends, as well as family friends. Our once-younger kids who played together under the tropical breezes, are now adults with their own children (our grandchildren). And, as we have aged, we have come to realize and recognize their many experiences, adventures, questions, and pathways led us to the formation of GrandparentsLink. Over the past 20 years, Kay and Leslie have written exclusive features and articles for publication, including a book called Life with a Swinger, Conversations off the tee with golf professionals and their wives (https://www.amazon.com/Life-Swinger-Conversations-Professionals-Their/dp/1932202242).

As partners, we laugh, create, cultivate, and work hard to bring you a well-rounded look into the many roles of grandparenting and life. It is our intention to keep you current and relevant – with a skip in your step and a smile on your face. Yes, we are truly interested in you: the ever-evolving generation of grandparents. This is a time to enjoy, and we intend to help you do just that!

Now, a little more about each of us
GrandparentsLink - KayKay grew up in Miami Beach, resides in NY, and has been married for over 40 years, (although she is certain someone counted wrong!) and has one daughter and two grandchildren. Having met her husband who raced Giant Slalom in Colorado where they both went to University of Denver, Kay doubled as a legislative writer for the State, while pursuing her zest for the outdoors. She is an outstanding golfer, winning many championships and participating at a level that even makes her husband jealous!  Kay has engaged her own grandchildren in this sport as well as helping to expose them to the concepts of hard work, a little discipline, and a whole bunch of fun!  Whether Kay is paddleboarding, surfing or running, she is most likely to be in the vertical position most of her day at some sort of extreme athletic adventure when not writing! Her other interests are building and designing homes which she and her husband joint venture on.

GrandparentsLink - LeslieLeslie has been married for 48 years, has two sons and two grandchildren. She is a Texas gal, who met her Texas husband at UT Austin; even though they live in LA, they are still Texans at heart. When first married, Leslie taught elementary school, and loved spending her days learning from her students. However, she longed for the design world, and after teaching for five years, became an interior designer, and has been designing homes and offices for the last 40 years. Currently, she is co-writing a book on mindful grandparenting, and hopes to publish it very soon. She has also co-written two other books, The Pink and Blue Baby Pages (https://www.amazon.com/Pink-Blue-Baby-Pages-Practical/dp/0809233967) and The Pink and Blue Toddler and Preschooler Pages (https://www.amazon.com/Pink-Blue-Toddler-Preschooler-Pages/dp/0809227908). Leslie cherishes every minute of family time with her husband, children, and grandchildren who are sometimes exhausted (but happily beguiled) by her creativity, imagination, and on-the-go personality.

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