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Have Fun! Celebrate Memorial Day with Family

Memorial Day is a holiday to acknowledge and honor those who have lost their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces. While young children may not fully understand the reasons behind this holiday celebration, we can lead by example and teach them with fun activities and historical facts. We believe knowledge is power! Our suggestions are ‘kid-friendly’. Plus…check out our red, white, and blue dessert recipe sure to please everyone. Fly the red, white and blue. If you don’t have an American flag, help the kids make their own flags from construction paper and staple them onto...

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Have you ever really listened to yourself?

a special feature from Leslie, co-founder Grandparentslink Listening to how we present ourselves in conversation is a mindful act we all can practice. As I was speaking to my husband the other day, I suddenly became aware of my tone. And, by the way, so did he. I realized that when I am challenged or when I don’t agree with him, I tend to raise my voice – a dead giveaway! Perhaps if I could speak in a quieter and more controlled manner, I wouldn’t let on that the situation or the discussion is not exactly going my way....

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10 Classic Books to Enjoy with Your Grandkids

These are surefire favorites to read together!  by Regan McMahon, Common Sense Media Reading books together is rewarding for both grandchildren and grandparents–even after the kids can read on their own. It’s a chance for closeness, sharing ideas, and building vocabulary. It also provides an opportunity to revisit favorites from your own childhood. Classic books are a gold mine for discussions about all kinds of important topics, from how to be a good friend to how a book compares with the movie version to the nature of good and evil. They also give grandparents a chance to reinforce their family values as kids encounter villains...

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