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Dinner by Drone

It’s a plane? It’s a bird? It’s a ……. an exclusive feature* I personally love the old adage, “You’ve either got to live it, or live with it.” Despite my being kicked and dragged into the 21st century, I have come to realize that not all things new are bad or confusing. There can be some rather amusing or even time saving aspects to living in the present. Yes, life can become easier and you can even use the lack of knowledge of present day nuances to have a little fun with the ones you love. So there I...

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Talking to Kids About Sexual Harassment … Before They Even Know About Sex

Five tips for discussing mature current events with little kids. A feature article* Grandparents and parents must always stay current on topics that can and will affect children and their lives. Creating conversation and communicating with children is key. In that light, is proud to present this important article by Caroline Knorr, parenting editor of Common Sense Media… “Granny, what’s sexual harassment?” You were hoping that the daily news reports of famous and powerful men being accused of sexual misconduct would fly right past your grandkid’s radar. But like other unfortunate events you’ve had to explain far before your grandkid was ready, the...

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Tips to Jump Start your New Year 10 Ways to Reboot

a special feature from Debra Orringer*, Nutritionist & Health Coach So the holidays are over and another season of festivals, family, and food binges are beginning to wind down. Quite possibly, the following scenarios could be all too familiar in your life. You feel physically and emotionally drained, depressed and anxious at the same time. You are tired and wired and not able to sleep with abnormally high cravings for salty and sweet foods of holiday season. Worst of all, your routine is all over the place and you feel like you’re in a general fog, and maybe all...

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