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We are totally social! Are you?

        Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, subscriptions, sponsored email…there is just too much information. We get it! Here’s what we have done for you. We sifted through our most popular FB posts and share four of the top-rated articles. Take a look. We guarantee there will be one article here that you have to read now! #1: Texas Peanut Butter Sheet Cake This recipe for Texas peanut butter cake will knock your socks off. Enjoy! And, please remember to tell us how everyone can’t stop talking about this cake!   #2: 32 Rarely Seen Photos of...

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Beyond Green Eggs & Ham

Finding my inner ‘foodie’ An exclusive feature* Our world today as we know it is truly so very different regarding food. Years ago food had become a bit static: bacon and eggs, steak and potatoes, cake and ice cream. Everything now is about being health conscious, organic, free of this, free of that, stripped of allergic items– plus food combinations that test the sensory modes of our taste buds.  Yada, yada, yada…. Now living in Charleston, one of the hippest culinary cities in the world, offers me a wide variety of eclectic choices, from shrimp and grits, to oyster...

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Summer Camp At Grandma’s!

We all know how excited we are when summer comes around, mostly because that means we get to have extra time with our grandchildren, since there’s no school! And please just admit it: secretly, you want to be the fun grandma or grandpa – the one the kids can’t wait to see, the one they don’t want to leave!  You want to be their absolute favorite! Summer is just the time to make your mark and transform the weekly trip to grandma’s into a week of “Summer Camp at Grandma’s!” The kids will be beyond excited to see how...

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Look Who’s Talking

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