3 Simple Steps to Achieve Harmony & Balance for Life

Mar 13, 2016 | Experts Corner

a special feature from Rachel Graham, professional Health Coach*

How many times have you heard those little voices in your head: “How am I going to get it all done”? Or even the echo that says, “There are not enough hours in a day, days in a week or weeks in a month to get through all that I have to do.” No one is insulated from this, and suffice to say, I would bet we hear this a million times over a period of our lifetime.

In this wheel of life that is ever so hectic with careers, partners, children, family and friends’ commitments, charity work, classes, hobbies, and religious commitments, only to name a few – how can we achieve all that is on our plate? Now, go ahead and add on the desire to improve your health. Wow! So….. where do you begin? How can one possibly balance so many things?

Here’s a little secret: You can’t and that’s an unrealistic goal.

Now, with that thought in mind, it’s really okay – you are not an octopus with eight arms! But what is realistic and can help us catch our breath is to understand how we can bring harmony into our lives so that we can balance being able to live.

I believe that HARMONY is an easier goal than balance. Harmony means everything is coexisting in a spirit of cooperation. There is a secret to doing more of what you want and less of what you don’t want – this actually leads to harmony. While it sounds simple, finding harmony actually takes massive willpower to execute. It requires that you get absolutely clear on what you want your life to look like, and what you do not want in your life.

Here are 3 simple steps to take:

1) Ask yourself what isn’t serving you. What doesn’t need to be in your life? What is dragging you down? What is keeping you awake at night?

2) Have you identified a few things? Now get rid of them – learn to eliminate (or fix them).

3) Now, ask yourself what do you want in your life, or in this week or in this day? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be with? Focus your energy on these things. Let go of what doesn’t work. Learn how to say NO.

Ready to dive in and make a few changes? Give these tips a try and see how much more harmonious your life can be. Finding this center will impact all your aspects of life including your health, and you will find yourself on a better journey each day.

* Rachel Graham, a professional Health Coach, is a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP), and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Her unique background in therapy, health and nutrition allows her to create individual programs for adults, children and the entire family in a one-on-one counseling environment. Her focus presents options allowing for healthier mind and body choices. Rachel earned a B.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and holds a Masters degree in Education from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University. You can contact Rachel: Rachel@livehealthynyc.com (516) 815-4151

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