A Great Book for the Teens in Your Life

May 26, 2016 | Experts Corner

We have come across a wonderful book that can really help teens and young adults who are starting to embark on their journey into adulthood! Smile & Succeed for Teens by Kirt Manecke offers a crash course in face-to-face communication to ensure that kids succeed. This is a terrific book to give to your teenage grandchildren.

Manecke begins with the timeless instructions of basic good manners: Smile. Make eye contact. Say please and thank you. Pay attention. These are so basic to developing respect that they are the foundation for all interpersonal communication – and for success. Just because these manners have been heard endlessly doesn’t make them untrue! They are the classic skills that bear repeating and developing.

In this age of total electronic connection, all the time, in-person social niceties seem to have disappeared – but in fact, they are more crucial than ever. Smile & Succeed for Teens is a great little handbook that teaches these essential skills in a fun, engaging way. The book is short, and takes a few minutes to read through initially, but readers will refer to it again and again for situations as varied as interviewing, customer service, sales and fund-raising.

Manecke gives teens tips for landing their first job, and for keeping it, and then elaborates on: giving excellent customer service, making the sale, and volunteering to make a difference and change the world. The writing is fun and friendly, with silly illustrations that keep the tone light and accessible, and not preachy. Paragraphs are short, sections are directed and concrete, and examples clearly illustrate how to implement each concept. The author respects teens’ abilities and experiences, and speaks with an easy authority to help teens navigate into the adult world. This is a book every teenager will enjoy reading as they develop those essential people skills needed for success!*

GO to https://www.smilethebook.com to purchase your copy of the book… $9.95.

*Portions of article reprinted from: https://www.sandiegobookreview.com

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