A Stay-At-Home Poem

an exclusive feature by Natalie Rice*

T’was the night before quarantine,
and all through the land,
People were happy,
because ignorance is grand.

Little did they know,
The very next day,
Their lives would change forever,
And it would not be okay.

Stay-at-home they said,
Wear a mask and stay 6-feet apart,
You may wave, not hug,
But nobody will know if you fart.

Toilet paper was gone,
And the shelves were bare.
We had no choice but to buy the scratchy stuff,
And then powder our derriere.

Bananas were plentiful,
So, we bought them in bunches,
But then they went brown,
So, banana bread and muffins and loaves became our lunches.

Grandparents were lonely,
The kids learned online.
Parents were stressed and crazed,
Thank goodness for lots of wine.

But as time wore on,
We figured out how to see others.
Families created pods,
Grandparents visited the grandkids and helped the fathers and mothers.

A Stay-At-Home Poem

Summer came around,
We had to keep the kids busy,
We hung climbing ropes on the trees,
We made popcorn and watched lots of movies.

Grandpa built a Cornhole set,
In fact, he did it from scratch,
Mom gave the dogs baths, the kids washed the cars,
And Grandma looked for fun crafts.

A Stay-At-Home Poem

From Play-Doh creations,
And M&M rainbows,
We did puzzles, melted old crayons ,
Made kaleidoscopes, and built tons of LEGOs.

When that wasn’t enough,
We baked and baked some more.
We made peach cobblers and chocolate chip cookies,
Even cakes…and of course s’mores.

A Stay-At-Home Poem

Summer trips were cancelled,
But we still got to swim.
Soccer and basketball weren’t safe,
But 120 feet apart on the tennis court was a win.

We zoomed through karate,
We explored fun Outschool classes.
We watched lots of Netflix,
And yes, we sat plenty on our asses.

Now the new school year is upon us,
Goodness knows what’s in store.
We managed to keep the kids busy through summer,
Although they may tell you it was a bore.

We make jokes about quarantine,
Mom shares funny memes on Facebook and Instagram,
But the reality we all know,
Is that this has altered life’s beautiful plans.

Some are more fortunate
than others these days,
Remind that to the kids,
When they complain in their old ways.

Hug those around you,
FaceTime or text your loved ones aplenty.
Let’s all stay strong and upbeat,
And just get through 2020.


*Natalie was a single, stay-at-home mom who finally had her two kids in school together so she could get back to work when the pandemic hit, so now she’s still a stay-at-home mom. And she’s definitely still single. Her Master’s in Accounting and her MBA have prepared her for 6th grade pre-algebra and kindergarten reading this fall. Natalie and the kids have 2 golden retrievers and all five of them live with her parents in Los Angeles. Her parents loved having a full house until it became full 24-7 for the last 5+ months, and now they have figured out a way to not be seen between breakfast and dinner. She spends much of the day refereeing her kids, hanging with the dogs (because they listen), preparing 10,000 snacks, and hiding in the bathroom for peace (occasionally with her favorite birthday cake flavored popcorn). With all the craziness, she tries to find the funny in each day while being mindful of how precious this time together is for her parents and kids.