a special feature by Leslie & Kay, founders of grandparentslink.com

Happy Grandparents Day!
Okay, so we all agree… we take pride in our role, as a GRANDparent, but it’s also equally rewarding and valuable to be grand friends, grand associates, grand advocates; you name it.  We can be GRAND in so many ways, and by the way – today’s the day to celebrate!

Most importantly, let’s not forget who we are. As simple as it sounds, we were here first, before all the titles! So consider this: how often have you gone to dinner with your friends, and only chatted about the grandkids? You’ve flipped through everyone’s adorable pictures until the kids and the pics all look alike. Does this sound familiar? It’s not that it’s a bad thing. However, we want you to take time to be present and mindful, and concentrate on what your interests are, and what makes you the individual you are.  Go ahead, there’s nothing selfish or self-centered about sharing all that makes you… YOU! What about talking about what’s going on in your lives?  Our point here… let’s not lose our identity. It’s as easy as that. Let’s remember to take some time for ourselves.

Let’s contribute to our personal (Grand)ness by:

-Communicating our dreams and desires and sharing it freely with our family and friends

-Doing something that is challenging or challenges our identity- yes, we can dye our hair purple if we like!

-Taking that one trip we always swore we would take — whether it’s visiting Yosemite, hiking through the Italian countryside, visiting Cuba, spending a few nights in a mountain cabin, or pitching a tent in your own backyard. Just do it!

-Finally going to that one restaurant we swore we were going to try two years ago

-Going to the movies in the middle of the day in the middle of the week

-Reading that one particular book that we promised we would read

-Taking the class or lecture series that consistently spikes our interest

-Really and truly exercising at least 30 minutes a day

-Calling a friend and taking the time to go to lunch, to the museum, to a play

-Volunteering our time … to any cause that is dear to us

-Playing the piano, or picking up the guitar that’s been sitting in the corner for years

-Sitting back and being grateful for who we are and where we are. Let’s take a moment to self reflect in the midst of a busy day.