Birthdays are Really a Bore..
a special feature from Kay & Leslie, founders

Ever awakened to someone singing the tune of “Happy Birthday to you….” in your ear before you’ve even wiped the crust from your eyes?  And, while the sentiments were totally appreciated, truth be told, you actually were hoping that everyone would just FORGET that it’s your birthday! Right?  Well, you are NOT alone! Of course, we know that getting older is inevitable, but, when is it okay to stop celebrating? That stuff is for kids… right?! Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

We like to think that birthdays are about celebrating one’s very existence, noting annually the exact day you were born into the world and the glorious journey called ‘your life’. And guess what, for that one day, you are the star attraction.  Well, theoretically. Birthdays chiefly mark the passage of time and as we grow older, they seem to keep coming at an alarmingly rapid rate. Our granddaughter, whose age is still in single digits, marks her half and three-quarter birthdays (“what, no cake or presents?”), while here we are several years into a decade of existence and in denial! However, secretly we yearn for a goopy cake with pink roses that just screams stomachache.

We laughingly say that growing older certainly beats the alternative, and it does! We are very happy that we’re alive and grateful for each day, when so many others are not here with us. None of us expected ‘they’ would pass so young, and we never expected to be this old. How can we possibly know? We think each of us has an imagined age we’ll reach when we will be deemed ‘old’; and a vision of some time, many, many years away, when we will pass on…if we can imagine such an event.

How we embrace time marked by our birthdays, is important to our sense of living. What we hope most people do most of the time – is live each day as if there is no tomorrow.  Pack in as much joy as you possibly can.  Take note of all the positives – the smiles, the appreciation of what is around you, and all the moments shared with those you love.  Try not to let any compliment go unspoken. Be a receiver as much as a giver, and show others at every occasion possible, including the celebration of your birthday, just how integral they are to the fullness of your life.

Use your birthday to do something that sparks JOY for YOU! You may not be into celebrating your big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something (even if it’s just you doing it alone!) that makes you smile, and feel appreciative of another beautiful day of life!  Remember, yesterday is history and our tomorrows are the possibilities we live for.  So… go ahead and eat that delicious birthday cake and devour every single moment that you celebrate.


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