Create Your Very Own Cereal
A great DIY project full of total fun…
an exclusive feature by Victoria Waller Ed.D.*

Everybody loves cereal. Many adults love healthy cereals, but kids love sugary cereals that their parents rarely buy! Usually it’s a “treat.” Here is a fun activity to allow your grandchild (or child) to create the cereal “they wish they could have.”

For this project you can use an empty cereal box or any box about that size.  At first children are a bit confused. If you ask what their favorite candy is they may reply “M and M’s.” Then ask if they’d like a cereal with those candies inside? After their surprise at your suggestion, I am sure they will get the idea and really enjoy creating their cereal with you based on their favorite candies.

Before you start creating, brainstorm the following:

  1. What ingredients will be in your cereal? (cookies, gummy bears, etc.) List all their favorite ingredients.
  2. Decide on the shape and color of the cereal. One child loved snakes so we went to Amazon and she got rubber snakes to be her cereal.
  3. Is the cereal for kids only? Will parents like it?


  1. Cover the box with colored construction paper.
  2. Draw a picture of the cereal. (or use toys from Amazon….snakes, donuts, etc.)
  3. Is there a favorite sports figure or cartoon character who will be on the box to say how they love it?

How will they advertise their cereal? What will be on the box? Give examples so they can be as funny as they want.

  1. Compose a jingle or slogan for their cereal, like a real cereal. (Example of a real slogan: I’m Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs)
  2. Put facts about it on the box (9 out of 10 kids love it. Parents hate it.)
  3. Which famous people love it? (sports figures, movie or TV stars, singers)
  4. Is there a prize inside? It can be made or again, ordered from Amazon.
  5. Is the cereal healthy (or not)? One child wrote, “This cereal is 100% sugar so parents hate it, but kids LOVE it.”

The front of the box might have:

  1. The name of the cereal
  2. Picture of the cereal
  3. Picture of the toy inside the cereal box
  4. Ingredients
  5. The “star” who loves the cereal
  6. The slogan

The back of the box and sides might have:

  1. Ingredients, is it healthy?
  2. A game to play, like a maze

After creating the box, have your grandchild make a video advertising their cereal.

Believe me, kids know exactly what they’d like their cereal to look and taste like!


*As an educator for over 40 years, Dr. Victoria Waller has taught thousands of students to read and write using their passions and strengths: sharks, roller coasters, rocket science, the Titanic and even Pokemon, to name a few. The children learn to read, but more importantly, “love” to read, which lasts a lifetime!