Father’s Day Thoughts

Jun 19, 2016 | Experts Corner

join our co-founder Leslie with a personal message on this special day…

Today on Father’s Day, I take a moment to reflect on my wonderful father. A pillar in the community, he was a philosophical, handsome, and scholarly man, who possessed a grand sense of humor and an unending devotion to sports. I so wish he had been around longer to see our two sons grow up, and to delight in our fabulous grandchildren. He would have been elated and grateful.
And, on this day, I think about my terrific son, who is now a Father. It’s rather daunting to see our children become parents, isn’t it? Once you become a parent, your life is forever changed. To see our son hold each new baby, and see the love in his eyes and his heart, are moments to treasure forever. To see him grow as his children grow, this is something to behold. The “Father” process knocks me out. I am in awe as I see our son…

-Glow with a prideful smile that only a parent can know and love

-Work harder than ever before

-Feel that extra pressure to be “the” awesome provider, husband, and father

-Discipline his kiddos – and repeat words and phrases that were uttered to him as a child. Who would have thought this would happen?

-Cook, and in fact, be a fabulous chef and sous-chef

-Study nutritional facts, and change his and the family’s eating habits

-Laugh beyond recognition

-Set boundaries for his children that he knew were boundaries he attempted to cross as a child

-Watch out for his children’s safety, when in fact, he thought he was invincible

-Treasure his moments with the family

-Value a few seconds of quiet time

-Ask us questions about what it was like parenting him and his brother

-Feel the joy as we, the grandparents, feel and experience his happiness

The greatest gift is to be fortunate enough to experience all these glorious moments with my husband, who has been a devoted, hard working, enthusiastic, and more-than-loving father. Happy Father’s Day to all!



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