Get Your Groove On…
Spring into a Healthy You!
a special feature from Debra Orringer*

Finding that we are continuing to deal with the pandemic of COVID-19, some of those beautiful daffodils and tulips that bloom have almost become meaningless as we grapple with new ways to manage and live.  Best of all, as we share this experience with one another, we hopefully will soon find all this behind us as we move forward into this spring season.

In doing so, it doesn’t matter if you are a grandparent, mom, dad, sister, brother, or golden retriever, everyone needs to get up and get going! As we look back at the long winter days and resolutions that maybe looked great on paper (and are months old), now’s the chance to get rid of those dreary excuses! If you don’t, you might find yourself glued to the television, rather than taking at least 30 minutes a day to get outside if possible, to gain some emotional time-out. Now especially is the important time to do this.

You are the master…yep, you are the one who is in charge of making good choices that will result in a better you! The weather is warming up and cabin fever is no longer an excuse.  It’s just simple – get OUTSIDE. What can excite you about being active outside? Whether you are an amateur athlete that wants to train for the next 5K sometime in the future, or you are excited about getting your garden in order, it doesn’t matter at any level. Making that first step to get off the couch and into the sunshine will benefit you!  Hey, Vitamin D is really important! (view our previous article on Vitamin D) Moving will energize your day, sharpen your mind, and boost your overall health. Here are some simple tips to consider now and for the future after all this is behind us:

  • Add basic activity to your day: start by taking the stairs, parking your car farther away in the lot, and walking a few laps around your grandson’s soccer game rather than sitting the entire time. These small steps help you become more active and burn significant calories over time.
  • Do some yoga or meditation on your back porch. Feel the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair.
  • Dig a garden and plant some vegetables and herbs. Herbs do wonders for our health and they give our bodies an additional boost that they need.
  • Take a long walk outside.
  • Try one new cardiovascular workout each week for a month. If you have to join a zoom class- do it! You will never regret getting yourself in an exercise routine, and the bonus is you’ll learn something new.
  • Search for one new challenge physically- it can be as simple as picking up two cans of soups and doing some ‘zumba’ in your living room! New experiences await.

Take advantage of the warmer weather, the new goals you have set, and gain a whole new perspective on you!

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”


*Debra Orringer, MS from Naples, FL, is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with 20 years in the fitness industry. She has managed the wellness programs at the Kennedy Space Center, as well as consulted for several national fitness companies, authored articles, and retains a myriad of advanced level certifications and also works as a Wellness Coach.
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