Gray Rules!

a special feature from Kay Ziplow & Leslie Zinberg, founders

Did you know that in just ten years, the population above age 60 will have grown so much that other generations such as the millennials and Gen-Z will be outnumbered by them in the United States, China, and Japan? An interesting fact to consider that given the circumstances, we are living longer, fuller, and more active lives.   

Each day, some 12,000 Americans celebrate their 60th birthday and globally around the world, about 210,000, according to the United Nations Population Division.

Why does “Gray Rule”?  The 60+ crowd is important economically for several reasons, consider this: they own more than half of the net worth in the entire world- and in the United States alone this reaches a whopping 80%. We’ll show them!  Additionally, the net worth of seniors is more evenly distributed than among the younger age groups and also poverty rates are decreased. Lastly, but equally important, in this 60+ generation, the income tends to be more resilient as they rely on sources (in plural) for income, such as retirement accounts, investment income, and other avenues.  While not all seniors are financially secure, they tend to be less exposed to large scale financial disruption, or episodes of financial crisis. 

This population is definitely in vogue; larger proportions of seniors are enjoying their lives by using their income and resources wisely to procure goods and services to enhance their experiences as aging progresses.  Even the marketing giants and digital advertising arenas have finally caught on. They realize that with the progression of technology, use of the internet, and skills to navigate daily life, now the ‘gray market’ is out there more visible as a consumer, buyer, and participant. 

So, what if we aren’t on the covers of Vogue or In Style, we are the generation that is shaping and molding pure style, individuality, and an aura of confidence for other generations to witness. Rock on – yes “Gray” certainly does rule! 

So, what’s the bottom line? Let’s not let our age define how everlasting we truly are.  We are a force to be reckoned with and taken notice of!