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Grow your Grandchild’s Creativity this Holiday Season!

Grow your Grandchild’s Creativity this Holiday Season!

a special feature from Brooke Kanter, co-founder of Marky

grow-your-grandchilds-photo2I believe that arts education is an important part of learning to think creatively.  I have two daughters, now ages 14 and 16, and want them to pursue whatever they feel passionate about, be it a lawyer, a singer, or an executive.  But whatever they choose to do in life, I want them to do it with creativity.  How can they be a creative lawyer, a creative singer, or a creative executive?  The questions really is how do we teach our children to think outside the box, think critically and creatively, and question the status quo to imagine new possibilities?

While raising my own children, I often found that activities for kids were frequently boiled down to the lowest common denominator.  This sometimes led to complete and utter boredom.  I wanted to give my own kids the opportunity to explore how professional artists think through their own process of art-making, to give them creative models in life.  This led me to found the Hammer Museum’s K.A.M.P. (Kids’ Art Museum Project), in which professional artists are invited to create stimulating activities for kids.  I wanted to extend and build on that process in the company I helped found, Marky.  This new hands-on, brain building, art box delivers inspiring artist and educator created art activities for kids and adults to experience together.

At Marky, we draw inspiration from high-quality materials and professional techniques that artists are using and look deeper into their meanings.  Perhaps children won’t notice it while they’re doing a project, but if they take a moment to dig deeper, there is always more to explore.

Our most popular Markybox is our casting kit.  Inside each box all the materials are included to make two casts of your children’s hands.  These are the same materials my partner artist Glenn Kaino used when taking a cast of comedian Will Ferrell’s hand to make a limited edition sculpture to raise money for the UCLA Hammer Museum.  This work of art is available at and the proceeds contribute to free children’s programs.

So I say, why not try it?  And, if you need a little inspiration, let Marky help you. We include all materials to complete the project twice and deliver right to your doorstep, encouraging you and your kids to think outside the box!

Purchase an individual box or three-month non-renewing gift and receive a 15% discount on your first purchase. Make sure to use the code: GRAND15. Order your Markybox today at

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