A special feature from Kay & Leslie, Founders,Grandparentslink.com

Set an example when communicating on Facebook, especially for your grandchildren. And when communicating with your friends, employ a sense of respectfulness and consideration.

Our top 8 “Don’ts”:
• careful what kind of personal information you post. The fact is there are millions of people looking at Facebook. What do you want them to see and know? Do you want anyone to know you are out of town? Think first!
• Before you post photos of your children & grandchildren, get permission. The same goes for posting pictures of your friends—ask first.
• Have medical issues? It’s best to first contact your family and friends privately. Then, if you do want additional help from your FB friends, there will be no surprises.
• Be age-appropriate with your language. Not all the icons & acronyms are necessary.
• Before you jump into an online conversation with your grandchildren, or anyone, be sure this is territory you can enter. If you would like to interject your thoughts, be really, really cautious. Just ask your teenage grandkids about this! Be sure to understand that when you ‘write on a wall’ it all becomes public and everyone can read.
• Consider how political you want to be. You could be opening a can of worms.
• Ask if it’s okay to friend your grandchildren’s friends.
• If you question something you are about to post, stop and reconsider. Trust your instincts!