If Only You Had One More Hour in the Day
If you added 60 minutes (or more!) into your weekday, you could finally finish your novel, or that painting you’ve been working on, or maybe just enjoy more time, period. We love the idea that if there was ever an option, all of us could dream about more time and make it into reality, and just what we would do with it? Please share with us here your thoughts on this!

But how do we actually get to save on such precious time to create more?*
Julie Morgenstern, author of Time Management from the Inside Out, shares a few ideas about just this subject …

Save 5 Minutes
Instead of wasting time digging through your messy make-up bag, limit yourself to the eight products you use most often and stash them in your medicine cabinet for easy access.

Save 15 Minutes
Stop wrestling with easily tangled wire hangers and replace them with wooden, acrylic or fabric versions. By doing so, you’ll end drawn-out wardrobe decisions by grouping clothes by occasion first (dressy, weekend, work) and color second.

Save 20 Minutes
To combat indecision (one of the most insidious time-wasters), plan your schedule three days ahead, which is as far as most of us can contemplate without feeling overwhelmed. If you’re waiting until the last minute to decide to cook breakfast or head to the gym, you won’t be prepared to do either.

Save 25 Minutes
Don’t stop to pick up a phone call, answer e-mail or start a conversation if you’re in the middle of a task. Some research has found that it can take us 20 minutes or more to regain the same level of concentration after an interruption. Can’t stand it when someone picks up the phone and says, “I can’t talk right now” – so tell us, why did you pick it up?

Check out some of these crazy statistics to put your life into perspective! Where does the time go?!

In 1 year, we spend a total of:

  • 5 days watching TV
  • 75 days sitting in traffic (if we’re lucky that is!)
  • 9 days preparing and tiding up after meals
  • 3 days surfing the internet
  • 7 days cleaning, folding laundry and doing other housework
  • 9 days styling our hair, putting on makeup, and deciding what to wear


*source: Oprah Magazine, October 2017, pg. 104