Recently we were invited to the launch of a new website called POSITIVELY SOCIAL, a site about helping young people use social media more POSITIVELY. It was truly wonderful to see these kids interact with each other, and to see how committed they are to stop bullying. Their shout out to their peers is:
“No more bullying, exclusivity, body editing, or just plain stupid behavior that you have to explain later.”

Positively Social was started by a small group of teenagers, who have not always had the best experiences with social media: Lily Block, Charlotte Block, Jack Buckingham, Lilia Buckingham, Maddie Ziegler, and Mackenzie Ziegler. They’ve been bullied, hacked, embarrassed, threatened, and even made some mistakes of their own. So they know what it’s like to have every detail of their lives dissected — from what they look like, to what they eat, to who they wish happy birthday, and to who they don’t!

They started Positively Social to help young people learn how to present themselves positively on Social Media, to be a force for positivity, and to help promote social media as a place for positive social change.

They explain, “Sure, we are against bullying on line- that’s a big part of Positively Social, but this is MORE than just anti-bullying. This is also about presenting the best YOU online. So that you don’t feel that every “like” matters, and helping you understand that what you see on social media shouldn’t make you feel bad about your life because it isn’t really real or that if you have to get 100 likes on every picture, and to understand what IS and ISN’T real on social Media.”

One of the more inspirational aspects of this group is that they asked every kid in attendance to sign a pledge promising to treat others the way they would like to be treated, to be kind and respectful, and to promote positivity. The pledge reminds the kids to tell their parents or grandparents if they are in a difficult situation online and not to reveal important information on where they live, their school, their phone number, or any financial information. Here is the link to the pledge!

Grandparentslink believes this site will inspire our young kids to pay attention to what they post, and how they post. For more information, please contact:

Positively Social is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations are tax deductible.