In Honor of Grandparents Day

Sep 11, 2016 | Experts Corner

10 things my Grammy taught me …

a feature article by Sarina Peddy, Creative Assistant for GPL

in-honor-of-grandparents-day-child-sarina-at-beachGrowing up, I only spent time with my one grandmother as my other grandparents had passed away before I was born. I never thought of this as a disadvantage because I still felt as though I got all the love and support that I needed from my one grandmother; and hey, I didn’t know any better! This year my grandmother is turning 92 years old. She has overcome so many obstacles, but has been there for me the past 26 years regardless of my actions — even when she disapproved of my first tattoo, or when I got into my first car accident in HER car. That’s the wonderful thing about grandparents, they are your thickest trace of family, yet they understand how different you are. It’s all about love. Here’s my list of 10 things I want my Grammy to know she taught me, all of which have impacted me as I have grown and evolved.

  • 1. I will always remember those first make-up tips she gave me as an early teen…. Without those tips I might still be wearing bright blue eyeliner with my brown eyes! HA!
  • 2. When in doubt, use lemon! In your hair for those natural highlights, in your water to help with digestion, and always on your seafood for the perfect taste!
  • 3. Take pictures. Everywhere we went as children my Grammy would follow us around like paparazzi and today I do the same with my friends and family. What’s better than looking back at photos that have the ability to bring you right back to that memory? And always remember to smile.
  • 4. Braids are always better by Grammy! Even though I can braid my own hair today, I will never be able to get those tight French braids the way Grammy would do for me as a little girl. One day I will pass that tradition onto my little girl.
  • 5. Aloe plants in your homes are your best friends. She always had a thriving aloe plant in her home and we never underestimated how often we would need that plant. Kids sure do burn themselves a lot.
  • 6. Manners are everything. Although I wasn’t raised in a super strict home, my Grammy always made sure to give us some sort of manners lesson every time she came over. Today I am proud that I can help out my friends at those fancy restaurants with which fork to use first. I pride myself in those manners today. Saying thank-you, please, and excuse me – go a long, long way.
  • 7. She always taught me girls are just as strong as boys. Go work hard. Go play hard.
  • 8. She always said everyone could use a good hug – everyday. Even if you’re not an overly mushy person, go ahead and give a big squeeze.
  • 9. She helped me understand that education is the best present that you can give to yourself. Striving to take in every opportunity builds character that begins with learning.
  • 10. And most importantly, have a strong, active body. Being too old or too busy is not an excuse. Use your mind, use your body, and don’t use age as an excuse for anything!

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