a special feature by Jess Anfang*, mommy extraordinaire


Wherever there is water and children, there is a potential for danger without the proper water safety skills. Drowning can occur in swimming pools, and even in bathtubs and toilets. Protect your family by making sure children receive formal swimming lessons. Yes, this is a very serious subject. And, it doesn’t matter what the season is, give someone you love a real present for life–swim instruction. It’s never too late. What is important is to find the right program that suits the needs of your  child.  As parents, we receive so many first hand reports of swimming techniques and experiences. Here is a program I know a lot about, and would like to share with you.

Enter Ed Durkin, from ‘Swim with Mr. Ed’, a professional swim instructor, who also has a Ph.D in child psychology. He has taught thousands of children the combination of swim and safety skills for over 10 years using the Bradbury Method (a proven technique for more than 50 years with over 87,000 students- 82,000 children and 5,000 adults). Several people call Mr. Ed, the “horse whisperer of swimming”. With his calm, gentle nature and no-nonsense approach, children as early as 18 months benefit from the skills that he teaches. Quite possibly, Mr. Ed is coming to teach in your area. This program is so valuable and important, you will want to share this with everyone you know and love.


Want to learn more? Click here:https://bestswimexperience.com/index.html


*Jess Anfang resides in Westchester, NY with her husband and two young children. With a background in fashion and product development, she is always on the ‘lookout’ for anything that is interesting, new, and innovative for the  family.