Oh Yes Indeed, We Are A Special Group! Happy Grandparents Day
an exclusive feature from Kay Ziplow & Leslie Zinberg, founders

If you close your eyes tight and take a deep breath in and remember the smells and sights of your own grandparents, you no doubt will see a different era with a totally different perspective on life. Each generation brings forth another platform of life experiences- of history and personal journeys. Grandparenting in all its glory is one journey of simple love. It requires flexibility, adaptability, and a commitment to love. As with your own parenting, its unlikely you will ever be perfect, but will have the ability to see reasonable possibilities and face challenges and make thoughtful decisions along the way that will create a fulfilling experience for everyone.
The relationship of grandparent and grandchild is a precious one. We’ve written article after article about this special bon and relationship- and you shouldn’t have missed one of them! Each feature gives you the grandparent an interesting and intuitive perspective on this amazing relationship and bond.

Here are some of our top-rated articles that give great insight to how we grow and work towards being the best grandparents we can be!

  • Grandparents have a role in the lives of their grandchildren, but what exactly is that role? Let your adult children take the lead and discuss your expectations with them.
    This article will dive into how you can become a more involved grandparent!
  • Fundamentally though, grandparenting is, well, just that – totally GRAND! The definition of “grand” is magnificent, splendid, noble, wonderful or very pleasing, of great importance and distinction. Why wouldn’t someone want that title? Grandparenthood can be a ‘second chance.’ Take a dive into the State of Grandparenting!
  •  So many of us are missing our grandchildren, and are always looking for ways to connect with them. Here are a few ideas that just might spark your grandchild’s interest and imagination when you are feeling down about being a long distance grandparent.
  •  The role of being a grandparent is quite possibly one of the best adventures of life!  Maybe you’ve longed to be a grandparent and now the time has finally come, or you might already be deep in the trenches. Wherever you are in your journey, it’s always a good idea to step back and explore yourself as a grandparent. Take a look at our article that will help any new or old grandparent navigate this new journey with a heart full of love.