Our #1 Tip for: When Your Children Become Parents
One of grandparenthood’s sweetest perks is the chance to see your babies become parents. Sit back and enjoy it!

Understand that it’s their turn!
Your child has earned the right to make the rules. It’s not your place to say, “Why don’t you give the baby an occasional bottle of formula”? Or to utter, “Let the baby get used to napping in his crib, not on your bed.” Whether you agree with the new parents or not, you need to respect the decisions that your child and his/her spouse are making.

You always hope that your child has grown to understand how you made decisions, which affected them as a child, because you always had their best interests at heart. When you didn’t let them watch TV while during homework, or demanded they wear a coat on those chilly mornings in fall, you weren’t trying to be ‘mean’ or arbitrary, you were simply being a parent.  Now it’s their turn, so let them parent.  And it’s your turn to… ENJOY GRANDPARENTHOOD!