Most of us are familiar with many of the achievements of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. However, there is one notable achievement seldom mentioned in discussions about Reagan’s legacy: He was the first President to raise public awareness of hearing health care.

In 1983, Reagan removed the stigma of wearing hearing aids by having his first device fitted in the Oval Office. His hearing loss, however, was not age-related, but rather noise-induced. According to former White House spokesperson Larry Speaks, a shot fired from a .38 caliber pistol next to Reagan’s right ear damaged his hearing. As a result, Reagan decided to see a hearing specialist about his situation – a decision that would dramatically shift public opinion on hearing aids.

The President’s willingness to do something publicly about his hearing loss created a wider acceptance of wearing hearing aids. He demonstrated to the American people that hearing loss should not hamper one’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In essence, he made it okay to be vulnerable and transparent about our own hearing situation. The old stereotype that hearing aids are only for people with extreme hearing disabilities was beginning to fade. Reagan’s influence was far-reaching, inspiring a bipartisan consensus that life is too precious to live without the voices and sounds you love the most.

There have been significant advancements in hearing aid technology since the 80s. Hearing aids are now smarter, smaller, and more powerful than the models that preceded them. Their digital technology allows for better feedback management, noise suppression, and wireless connectivity with smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Hearing aids do more than just amplify sounds; they also improve one’s ability to understand speech, making conversations more enjoyable and less exhausting.

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