Storytime for Babies
Reading will make your grandbaby smarter. Here are tips to tune your tot into text.

Do babies really care if you read to them? Absolutely! And it’s never too early to start. “Reading to even the youngest of babies helps their brains establish neural pathways, which are the building blocks to all future learning,” says Linda Nelson, senior curriculum developer for KinderCare, a leading provider of early childhood education and care. Here is how to get the most of your story time.

Choose books with lots of repetition (think, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?). Knowing what words come next is exciting for newbies. Babies also respond more to photographs of real people, places and things than cartoon-style images, and more to color contrast.

“Project to your baby that you’re interested in the book too,” Nelson says. That means reading with enthusiasm, talking about and pointing to the illustrations, asking questions and making up fun voices for the different characters.

For goodness sakes, let your baby get hands-on with books. That’ll mean losing a few to rips and bites. Keep your supply plentiful by shopping thrift stores and yard sales.

Here are some wonderful books that will enlighten every child:
1. High ContrastDot by Patricia Intriago introduces opposites with simple black-and-white graphics.
2. Baby FacesBaby Giggles delights with precious faces captured by photographer Rachael Hale.
3. Surprise- Colors by Thierry Laval teaches colors by letting babies lift the flap to find polar bears, princesses and mermaids.
4. Touch me! That’s Not My Car, That’s Not My Pony, That’s Not My Puppy, That’s Not my Truck, are a few of the many titles in author Fiona Watts’ delightful series of books that introduce tots to textures.


*Article source:, September 2011.