Summer Camp at Grandma and Grandpa’s

Jun 14, 2020 | Experts Corner

Summer Camp at Grandma and Grandpa’s

a special feature from Leslie & Kay, Founders of GrandparentsLink

Summer is upon us, and this summer season is looking quite different than all the others. Right? Most camps have been cancelled, and the grandkids will be home. If you are lucky enough to have the kids come visit with you, whether it’s for a week or a day, or a few hours, here are some tips to help in the planning.

  1. Talk to your grandkids and see what they would like to do. What are they most interested in exploring? Here’s a hint- if the grandkids already have had a camp experience or summer program- find out what they are most excited about doing at their specific program. This way, you are tuned into their desires.
  2. Give the kids some ideas to help schedule the day. Is it baking cookies, making a pie, watching a favorite movie, doing Grandma’s nails, playing a board game, writing a book together, reading books, making a video, creating some wonderful art piece, playing musical instruments, helping organize files or drawers, being an office helper?
  3. If the kids are helping you in your office or with some particular project, they might like the idea of receiving some compensation. Who doesn’t like to get paid?
  4. Fill your house with art supplies that will spark their imagination: construction paper, drawing paper, poster boards, stickers, glue sticks, new sets of crayons and markers, glitter, watercolor paints, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, string and yarn. Save cardboard boxes and tubes. What about a whiteboard and markers, a science kit, and some science supplies?
  5. Make sure you have board games and puzzles. What are their favorites? What about getting a few new games, or a new puzzle? And don’t forget to have decks of cards. Maybe learn how to play gin rummy or canasta.
  6. Building toys, dress up attire, Legos, anything that promotes pretend play, all help to make creative and fun moments.
  7. Take a yoga class together online, go outside and build an obstacle course, take a hike, walk in the neighborhood, make a lemonade stand.
  8. Consider gathering outdoor equipment like balls, Frisbees, soap bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a garden hose (just be careful how much water is used), badminton, a croquet set.
  9. Food art is a kick. There’s nothing like making delicious chocolate chip pancakes shaped in a happy face. Or go online or Pinterest, and find food art you want to duplicate. Have a bake-off between the kids. You can easily have your own ‘Top Chef’ contest!
  10. Decide to learn a language together.
  11. Learn magic tricks online.
  12. Make meal time a time where everyone participates: build your own tacos, pizzas, or pasta.

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