The Art of Holidays
We can’t believe that once again the holiday season is upon us! And, considering what we have all been through, it’s challenging as we move forward.  No doubt every one of us has been greatly affected in many aspects of our lives. 

The holidays are a time to enjoy and embrace. And, yes, there is truly an art to doing just that.  Go ahead, get festive and break out all those decorations, gather up all those ‘secret wish lists’ the grandchildren have shared with you, and get started with shopping.  You can enjoy all the muss and fuss over every special meal you might plan because that is exactly what the holiday should define – pure joy. Holidays are really just about sharing time with our loved ones.

As grandparents, while we continue to follow some of our own family traditions that we hold dear, remember some of these rituals may have been tweaked over the years as they have been passed down.  So, with the holiday time right around the corner, find the best blend for you and your family: one that reflects love, compassion and your family values.  This will indeed resonate for the next generation even with the touches of modernization! 

If you are BIG into cooking/baking for the holidays but just can’t seem to find that specific holiday recipe that Great Aunt Sue shared with you, check out this wonderful gift idea that your entire family will enjoy, utilize, and hopefully pass on for years and years! We previously wrote an article on how easy it can be to put all those family recipes together into one cookbook! 
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As adults, the holidays tend to bring on a lot of anxiety, trying to make everyone happy. But remember,  what is so important…is YOU! Check out this article on how to stay stress-free during the holidays!