a special feature by make-up artist *Marja Webster

Whether you aspire to be a dashing diva, or just the best that you can be (!), why not take a moment to learn about makeup application the professional way and get some great tips? There’s not a whole lot you have to do; it’s all in how you apply the techniques. 

First of all, choose a good foundation. There are many beautiful blending foundations on the market today. If you have a more mature skin, you want to select a foundation that won’t lay and extenuate the lines in your face. Fluid foundation both covers and looks natural and blended on the skin. Try these tips for your overall beauty look:

  • Begin with a slightly damp sea sponge, a dry make-up sponge, and foundation
  • Dot the foundation around the face on the forehead, cheeks, and chin.
  • Take a damp sea sponge, and first squeeze out all the water; then blend the foundation all over your face.
  • Then take the dry make-up sponge, using short, quick, buffing strokes, and blend foundation again.
  • You should have coverage and look naturally glowing.
  • No powder please! It makes the face look dry and cracked. If necessary, use powder on the T-zone: forehead, nose, and chin.

There are many trends that come and go when it comes to eye make-up. Keep your eyes to the basics and only add trends when needed or if the colors add to your features. And follow these tips:

  • You can do a complete eye makeup with just two pencils: brown and black.
  • Apply black liner at outer edges of eyes and smudge outward and blend with your finger or cotton swab. Add dark brown over that toward center of nose. Stop at lashes.
  • You can add black pencil on inside of upper lid of eye and this will pop the eye.
  • You may also add a little black or brown eyeliner on lower lash line at outer corner one-third of the way, and blend towards your nose.
  • If you add black liner to inside of lower lash line, it can close your eyes. (optional)
  • Apply brown pencil to crease over eye and blend for contour.
  • And remember, practice makes perfect!

Tips for lips:

  • Please no dirty browns to lips. It’s not in style and never should be.
  • Choose a color that pops your eyes, makes your teeth look brighter, and your face look glowing and translucent.
  • Matts are back. If you don’t like matts, add a little gloss, but not too much because it will make the color run between the lip lines.
  • There are also crèmes and sheers. Just add a liner to your lips, not too dark because this is aging. Look for a natural color lip liner.


* Marja Webster has over 30 years experience in the movies, television, and commercial industry as a make-up artist. She has had the privilege of working with many prominent and talented actors. Marja says, “it’s always a challenge and a pleasure to stay on top of the latest up and coming trends, but I love the challenge.”