The Value of a Moment

a special feature by Vina Bermudez Mogg*

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” -Dr. Seuss

Did you know your iPhone has a feature that will replay a day in time of your photos as a movie?
Of the thousands of unused icons that float by daily on the screen, this time I tapped into one of them.

A graphic in bold white font popped up to say, “On this day, April 26, 2016”…
It was a photo of my mother, played as a narrative with music and video, as if somehow a clip of a moment in time replayed from my mind. A big smile was on her face nestled beneath a baseball cap. Behind her was a beautiful, colorful canvas of red, magenta, pink, yellow, purple, and orange flowers. It was the day I took her to the Epcot Garden Festival.

My mother loved flowers. People would stop at her yellow house on the corner just to peek at the big blue blooms of hydrangeas that covered her yard in during spring in the Northwest. Different flowers bloom here in Florida, where she came to live with me just before her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. But at the Epcot Festival, multiple gardens of various varieties cover the landscape in color.

These colors and blooms kept a continuous smile of wonder and joy on her face at each stop. And to push a paralyzed 90-year-old woman around the miles of varied terrain in a wheelchair was no easy feat. Still, this day was a gift, buried somewhere in the files of my iPhone and in my own memory, resurfacing through this pop up on my phone.

After losing my mother to Alzheimer’s, these valued moments are more precious. For even when memories cannot be recalled, the wonder of the moment can be held in our hearts.

As the holiday season approaches, hold the memories you create in your heart. Yes, bury them along with the thousands of other photos on your phone. But hold on to the magic of the very moments as they happen.

Stay present in the moment.
They are precious.
They are valued.


*The Value of A Moment is an exclusive feature for by Vina Bermudez Mogg, and is among other stories that relate from empty nesting, motherhood, Alzheimer’s, caregiving, to restoring her 1926 cottage on Puget Sound. Other writings by Vina can be found on her website,, and on a variety of sites including,, the and She has been published in an anthology of essays, The Wonder Years: 40 Women Over 40 on Aging, Faith, Beauty, and Strength, by Leslie Leyland Fields, and Ruminate Magazine. Vina’s loves are her husband and four children and three daughters-in-law, painting, paddle boarding, and her cat, Bear. Find her on Instagram @vinabmogg