join our co-founder Kay with a personal message on this special day…

The beauty of Mother’s Day evokes a deeply warm and sensitized feeling, with special memories of all those women in my personal life who left such a tremendous impact on my growth and subsequent journey as a mother, wife, daughter, and friend to many. I consider myself so blessed, so lucky, and so much more well rounded as a result of their roles in my own personal existence.  With an outreached arm full of spring flowers, I say ‘thank-you’.

Even more than the women who influenced my life, there is one person who has created such impact and force, that often times I am speechless to think that this person, this woman, this wife, and mother herself, is in fact my own daughter all grown-up.  She is all mine, from creation, to gestation, to development and now as she shares her own personal journey in her many roles.  I lay stake and claim to this beautiful woman and I am truly in awe of her strength and the totality of her being.

As a mother, you can surely identify with the definitive bonds that develop when you carry a human being for nine months inside your belly.  You are one with two. The gift of life is an experience that creates silence from words – all leaving a mother breathless.  Those tiny fingers and tiny toes will carry that little person throughout their lifetime creating direction and experiences, and a journey that you hope will be safe and healthy and fulfilling.

Those are my dreams to this day as I watch my own daughter navigate life as a 35 year–old.  With kids in tow, a husband, a dog, and a profession that creates diversified roles, my love for my daughter, her person and being is what I celebrate most on this special day – Mother’s Day.

Now as I have added the title of ‘grandmother’ to my life description, so has my daughter’s narrative of life become fuller as she grows and ages.  I hope as she traverses, she continues to pay attention to all that surrounds her, never yielding to anything less that may compromise her personal standards.

She is my gift, she is my light, and she is all mine. She is my daughter.