Our lives – it’s all moving too fast

A special feature from Kay & Leslie, founders Grandparentslink.com.

Over some really powerful martinis, we recently had a conversation with one of our close friends about ‘time’. How have we gotten from point A to point Q so fast? Our lives are moving at such a rapid pace; we feel like the hands of a giant clock spinning round and round. And as we continued to sip our libations, we realized if we quieted ourselves enough, we could actually hear the ticking.

What prompted this conversation: our upcoming high school reunions. Should we attend or not? These reunions are not the 25-year milestones. Nope, we are talkin’ 40 and 50-year reunions. Is that possible? Woosh…how does that happen? Really, whom are we kidding?

Okay, so we all might have a few more aches or pains, a couple more complaints about things that bother us, but each one of us agreed that here we are… alive and well and ‘this age’. Without defining what this means, inherently we all knew! Sometimes yes, we feel a bit older, and maybe look a bit older, but seriously 50 years since high school? Just yesterday we were raising our kids, and they went off to college, got married, and now here we are grandparents. And we are this age…

Realizing that all three of us were slowly feeling the effects of the martinis and the subject matter, each of us revealed how important it is to be present in the moment, and enjoy where we are NOW. This is a simple element of being mindful. (https://www.grandparentslink.com/mindfulness-you/).

In other words, none of us want to be concerned about the next few minutes, tomorrow, or the next month. Instead, we need to savor each moment. And, with that thought, we decided it was time to eat all the olives left in the martini glasses and order some ice cream. Why? Because we can.

And that’s just it… we must take it all in. Because we can. Let’s enjoy every single minute. Because we can, because you can. We may be totally exhausted at the beginning and end of the day, but at least we have the day. The desire to live, to relish the moments, and to go forward is what personally drives us. One of ‘us’ has a design business, writes a book and chairs four events in the community. And one of ‘us’ designs, contracts and builds homes, wins club championships in golf, and donates her time to work in a soup kitchen in East Harlem. Oh, and most importantly, both of ‘us’ love taking care of our families, and those insatiable grandchildren of all ages. Why? Because we can.

The question here may be: why? Why do it all, why feel as if we have to do it all? The answer: the clock is ticking forward not backward, and we want to make sure we get to keep living, loving and laughing and just being. So join in, and go have a martini on us… with extra olives, of course!