We’ve Got Some Grandparenting Advice for You!

a special feature from Leslie Zinberg & Kay Ziplow, founders

It’s our belief that sharing is caring; and therefore, we are all about just that! Together we bring you a combination and blend of our grandparenting tips. We hope every moment you’re together with your grandkids, you’re mindful of how truly special this journey is.

As a grandparent…

  1. Be in the moment. Enjoy being together right now. Breathe in and take notice.
  2. Read to your grandchildren. It does not matter how old your grandkids are. Your older grandchildren can always read to you or with you.
  3. You are a role model.  Remember that. They are watching and listening.
  4. Be kind, as kindness is contagious.
  5. Listen to your grandchildren. Pay attention to their stories and their thoughts. Answer their questions.
  6. Act silly. Have fun. Sing and dance. Laugh out loud. Go outside the box.
  7. Play outside. Breathe in the air. Take walks. Point out the beauty in life — the stars (find the constellations), the soft green grass, the leaves swaying in the wind, the sweet fragrance of the roses. Initiate outdoor experiences with your grandchildren – kids love to be outside.
  8. Create anything! It does not matter whether it’s an art project, a science experiment, or a new recipe, being and creating together is key. Inspire each other. These moments create conversation and memories.
  9. Remember– you are the grandparent and not the parent. (And, it’s okay to have your own rules in your home – these create a platform of respect.) Most of all, show respect for their parents’ wishes and rules and boundaries.
  10. Tell your grandchildren how much you love them! Show them in words, in actions, in experiences.