10 Great Things to Do Because Yes, it’s Spring!

Mar 31, 2022 | Funtime

10 Great Things to Do Because Yes, it’s Spring!
Spring is all about getting a fresh start. Trees get leaves again, flowers start to bloom, and the weather finally begins to pick back up. It’s the perfect time to get outside and get active before the temperatures become unbearable and all you are searching for is air conditioning and a cocktail! So, grab your family and check out our top 10 things to do, because it’s Spring!*

1. Spend time outdoors. You’ve likely been locked up inside all winter trying to escape the cold temps, so the second the weather gets nice, head outside. Go for a bike ride, explore the nearest national park, take a hike, or have a beach day. It might seem like you had plenty of time to do some of these things over the next few months, but summer and its scorching temperatures tend to sneak up fast. Head outdoors now before it’s too hot to bear.
2. Get away. Spring breaks don’t have to stop once your kids are out of the house. Head out for a warm vacation, big or small, at least once this Spring. You’ll get away from any lingering cold weather, and it’ll give your mind a helpful refresh.
3. Go to a farmers’ market or food festival. Several food festivals and farmers’ markets have been closed all winter long so join them when they start back up again. You can browse a variety of goods and support small, local businesses while shopping for all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Taste test the season’s trendiest foods!
4. Get organized. It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. The year might technically start in January, but Springtime is the season of rejuvenation. Get rid of the things you never touch, clean your living spaces, and put your organizational skills to good use.
5. Go shopping. Once you’ve donated and tossed your old clothes, hit the racks for new ones. Spring is one of the best times to shop for new clothes because all the new trends of the season start to arrive in stores. You can also find some amazing sales on winter clothes if you need to gear up for next year for those ever-growing grandchildren.
6. Have a picnic. You don’t have to lay down the checkered blanket and carry wicker baskets, but getting all your friends together for a big outdoor lunch is a great way to kick off the season. Looking for a park to visit? These are the best parks in every state, according to Foursquare.
7. Celebrate the holidays. There are quite a few celebration-worthy holidays in the spring. There are big ones like Earth Day, Passover, Easter, and Mother’s Day, but there are also several smaller holidays to get excited about. You can go all out with the family for fun theme nights for National Grilled Cheese Day on April 2nd, dine on Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo, or, maybe, prank your grandkids for April Fool’s Day.
8.Stop and smell the roses. Literally. With flower festivals popping up and public gardens opening their gates, take some time to surround yourself with greenery and flowers.
9. Go to a baseball game with the family. Find out when your favorite team is hosting a home game and head out to show your support. Baseball stadiums serve outrageous food and overpriced beer, and if you’re lucky enough to live near one, Spring is the best time to cheer on your team.
10. See a play or movie outside. Though it started in NYC, a few other cities host their own take on Shakespeare in the Park or put on other outdoor productions. There are also drive-in movie theaters or organizations that hold movie nights. Check out local event listings to plan the perfect night out.


*Portions of article reprinted from: https://www.insider.com/things-to-do-in-the-spring-2017-3#7-see-a-play-or-movie-outside-7 

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