2019 Fun (Yummy) Dates to Remember

Jan 3, 2019 | Funtime, Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

2019 Fun (Yummy) Dates to Remember
So every year we give you, Grandparents and parents alike, our exclusive ‘fun holiday days to remember’. Why? Because everyone here at GrandparentsLink.com: our staff and our founders, Leslie & Kay, believe that celebrating with your friends and family is as important as brushing your teeth! Well this year we are putting a twist on those dates and giving you the fun YUMMY dates to remember! This list will be extra special for you to follow along with your grandkids; so get them in the kitchen with you! Whether it’s National Pizza Day or National Chocolate Milk Day, we’re sure you and the family will enjoy following along. Happy Celebrating!

January 4th– National Spaghetti Day- Hopefully you didn’t make a no-carbohydrate resolution this year because who doesn’t love spaghetti.

February 6th– National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day– Surprise the grandkids with a sleepover and start the day with ice cream! But shhh…don’t tell mom and dad!

March 1st-Peanut Butter Lovers Day– For all you classic PB & J lovers, this is the holiday for you.

April 12th– National Grilled Cheese Day– break out all the cheese in your fridge and put together a master grilled cheese sandwich.

May 25th– National Wine Day– For all you vino lovers, this is a dream day! Explore a new wine or enjoy your favorite classic, and put those feet up!

June 16th– National Fresh Veggies Day– Get in the summer mode and hit your local farm stand. The recipe options are endless for this healthy day.

July 23rd– National Hot Dog Day– Set up a topping spread at home and enjoy the classic hot dog with whatever special topping you love.

August 3rd – National Watermelon Day- Watermelon is a summer staple, so cut one up and enjoy the delicious fruit in the sunshine.

September 5th– National Pizza Day- Who doesn’t love pizza?! Let the kids create their own personal pizza today and let their taste buds and imagination run free.

September 27th – National Chocolate Milk Day– Don’t know about you, but we have loved chocolate milk all our lives. We bet your grandkids love it too. Make this even more fun, and make chocolate milk shakes!

October 14th – National Dessert Day– Hey, come on, who doesn’t love a dessert?
Celebrate any ‘sweetness’ here anyway you see fit.

October 25th– World Pasta Day– Pasta is a worldwide favorite. Throw together your favorite ingredient combination and indulge in a hearty bowl of pasta.

November 3rd– National Sandwich Day– Sandwich options are endless so get creative and make yourself a perfect sandwich.

December 18th– National Bake Cookies Day– With the holidays approaching, get festive with the grandkids and bake your favorite holiday cookies together.

Take a look back at last year’s 2018 Fun Dates to Remember!

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