3 Fun Projects for a Rainy Day with the Grandkids!

Whenever Mother Nature poses a challenge for us to be outside where the kids most want to be, we’ve got to be quick thinkers to come up with other ideas for fun. Being stuck inside often echoes kids saying, “I’m bored.” So, if you’re out of ideas after a few minutes, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve come up with 3 boredom-busting ways to stay entertained indoors as well as links to some previously posted articles on more fun activities to do with your grandchildren. Challenge your little ones to do something different this by making a craft or an easy recipe, or by playing a game that wouldn’t have otherwise interested them. Prove to your kids that being stuck inside isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it can be an opportunity to learn something new!

Collage Art with Magazines and Comic books!
1. Collage Art with Magazines and Comic books! 
I bet you all have some old magazines, comic books, or shopping catalogs lying around, just about ready to head to the recycling bin. How about handing them over to the grandkids to see what kind of collage stories they can create.

Start small with an easy rainbow collage. Work together to look for pictures in the magazines that cover all colors of the rainbow and sort them by color. Once you have found an abundant number of pictures in a wide range of colors, you can create a rainbow using all the colorful pictures!  Or, if you have an aspiring fashion designer on your hands, have them cut out outfits they love from catalogs and ask them to draw their own versions of the outfits next to them. We love creating art from things we’d otherwise throw away. This is a great opportunity for each child to showcase their own personal style and artistic creativity.

To make a collage: roll out a long piece of paper or use construction paper, then hand the kids a stack of old magazines, catalogs, and comics, along with some scissors and some glue sticks. We love sticky tape, but glue sticks work well too. Then let them snip, stick and create! 

Paper-Bag Puppets
2. Make Paper-Bag Puppets
These can be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be, and the beauty of paper-bag puppets is that you really don’t need any fancy supplies other than staples. Check out Martha Stewart’s tutorial on how to make these adorable animal puppets.

Croon to Karaoke
3. Croon to Karaoke
If you have a karaoke machine or your cable provider offers a karaoke channel, then unleash your inner rock stars and start singing! Or, with this idea in mind- plan ahead and get this fun Karaoke microphone which will really get the kids in the mood! Note: many cable providers offer a pay on-demand section for Karaoke at home- check it out!

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