Here’s a little secret… moms don’t really want flowers or a candle, for Mother’s Day. Yep, that’s right – what they really desire are simple words, and expressions of love.  While gifts are great, personal thoughts and communicating your feelings are truly the most beautiful gift of all on such a special day. Here are nine things to say, just in case you need some inspiration. Remember, Mother’s Day is a wonderful acknowledgement of all mothers that you may know.

  1. Say “Thank You”- No matter how often you’re saying this, Mom could probably stand to hear it a few more times. She carried you, and grew you in her belly for nine months — all while resisting alcohol and caffeine. That’s a sacrifice that warrants endless thank-you’s.
  2. Say “You’re my hero.” Because she is, right? I mean, the main reason you’re as awesome as you are is because of her, so she’s earned the title.
  3. Say “You were right.”- Remember that jerk in high school you were infatuated with? You know, the guy who always showed you just enough attention to keep you interested, but not enough that you felt loved? Your mom knew he didn’t deserve you, and you can finally tell her she was right about that.
  4. Say “Remember when I was little and…. ?”- Reminisce about a moment when you struggled with something — it can be serious or silly — and your mom came to the rescue. It’ll be a nice way to remind her how you’ve always depended on her, and in some ways, probably always will.
  5. Say “I need your advice.”- It doesn’t matter how old you are — your mom will never tired of giving you her advice. And the more self-sufficient you become, the more she’ll appreciate that you came to her at all. Make her feel needed, and ask for some of that classic Mom wisdom.
  6. Say “I’m proud of you.”- This is not a statement that should only go from parents to kids. It should go both ways! We never stop evolving as humans, so your mom would love to hear that you’ve noticed the hard work she’s put in on a project, and that you think she did an awesome job.
  7. Say “Let’s talk more often.”- Don’t just say this, because it’ll get your mom super excited. And then it’ll break her heart if you don’t deliver. Actually set up a regular time to call or visit with Mom to catch up on everything. That’s probably the best gift you could possibly give.
  8. Say “You are beautiful!”- Celebrate your mom’s beauty by giving her specific compliments. We live in a society that only appreciates beauty of a certain age, which is bonkers because every woman alive — and that includes your mom — is beautiful in her own way, and should be reminded of that.
  9. Say “I love you.”- It doesn’t matter if you say it every day, or even if you just said it two seconds ago. Say it again. Because she will never get sick of hearing it.


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