*It’s a perfect time to take a field trip with the grandkids to the farmer’s market!

The farmer’s market is a great place to explore and discover new locally grown foods. Locally grown food is more nutritious, less expensive, good for the local economy and for the environment and tastes better! Farmer’s markets are not limited to fresh fruits and vegetables; you may find dairy, meats, baked goods and even breads.


How to get your grandchildren excited about locally grown food:


1. Tasting – Many farmer’s markets have cooking classes and/or samples for you to try. A great way to win a child over is through their taste buds.


2. Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of the seasonal produce that you can find at the farmer’s market. Have your grandchildren find everything on the list that will help make a locally grown meal.


3. Make a locally grown meal – Plan a simple meal that involves steps your grandchildren can do. They will be excited and more likely try new foods if they helped pick out the groceries and prepare it.


Note: Tasks children are great at are pouring, mixing, tearing apart, mashing, and even chopping with a plastic knife.


4. Name that fruit or vegetable – See if the children can name the different produce offered at the farmers market. If they get a certain number correct, they can buy their favorite one! You can even challenge them to say which food group each item belongs in.


5. Tell a tale – The great thing about the farmer’s market is that you can find out exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown. Have children choose a fruit or vegetable and have them ask the farmer all about it. When they get home they can draw a picture or write a story showing how the item was grown.


Did you know that often you can get items from the farmer’s market cheaper towards the end of the day? Farmers don’t want to lug all of their goods back to the farm, so they rather you buy them cheaper. Can’t beat that!


Not sure where the closest Farmer Market is located?


*This article was written by Shanon Morris, MS,RD,CDN /Registered Dietitian