Grandparents plus grandchildren plus shopping all add up to fun! And lots of it!

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the ‘right’ thing to have on hand when the kids come over, or maybe when you go for a visit. just loves all the selections available at ALEX Toys. Since 1986 they have been a leader in the industry offering incredible arts and crafts products. Over the years, ALEX has grown and today produces over 1,000 items in expanded categories of toys: imaginative and dramatic play, fashion and jewelry, whimsical children’s furniture, Rub A Dub® and Tub Tunes® bath toys, ALEX Little Hands® preschool products and ALEX Jr.®, developmental, plush and bath toys for baby! The products are sold in over 80 countries, and they have received over 300 awards from toy review organizations and consumer magazines.

ALEX has something for almost every age beginning with infant all the way up past  the age of 8. Their product lines are eco-friendly, and reflect quality, which has made ALEX Toys a true lifestyle choice. The toys are all about creativity, personal expression, imagination and building self-esteem. You can’t go wrong.

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