Every grandma is excited when the time comes that a granddaughter can get her nails done or have a pedicure. And believe it or not, letting your grandchild paint her own fingernails and toes, or painting yours helps her to utilize fine motor skills, and add a dimension to the level of independence by making choices and selections of colors. When beauty is the goal, but safe and non-toxic is a priority, PIGGY PAINT is the #1 choice.  Because our little ones always have one finger in their mouth, we have a responsibility to avoid harmful chemicals ingested in their mouths, and the exposure to flammable nail polishes. Using a safe nail polish and remover are key for good hygiene, without the harmful toxins. Make sure your experience is safe as well as beautiful!


PIGGY PAINT is a non-toxic nail polish that comes in 21 gorgeous and fun colors. Developed by a stay- at- home mom who had two ‘princess’ daughters herself, PIGGY PAINT has no harmful smells; it is formaldehyde and acetone free, water based, non-flammable and made in the USA. The nail polish is hypoallergenic, has virtually no odor (it’s pregnancy safe for those mom’s to be), and dries to a hard durable finish in about two minutes or two rounds of reciting the ABC’s!


PIGGY PAINT will  be a big hit and can be purchased through Piggypaint.com  and a nail polish remover is available as well. There is an array of adorable gift sets available with almost every theme or holiday to suite any taste. You can also purchase a special pink polish ‘Fight Breast Cancer’, which benefits the Susan G. Komen Cure. Everything is available in gift-wrap and the presentation is adorable. Surely you will personally fall in love with the product, knowing you are keeping your precious one safe and out of harm’s way. Enjoy!

Get Fancy Pink: Piggy Paint Forever Fancy (Pink) The Kid-Friendly, Non-Toxic Nailpolish!