It’s always a rewarding feeling when you do something new and fun with your grandchildren. Try these two entertaining activities. The kids will enjoy this even more than going to the toy store!

Super Soft Play Dough Recipe*

After playing with this silky play dough, your hands will feel like they came home from a spa treatment… Seriously!

NOTE: This is inedible play-dough and should not be used with kids who are still putting things into their mouths.


1 part Hair Conditioner

2 parts Corn Starch

That’s it.

Add some food coloring for diversity.

Mix together. Since not all hair conditioners are the same consistency, you may need to alter the amounts just a bit to make the dough feel consistent. Remember to provide creative utensils to add extra zing, such as a rolling pin, plastic pizza cutter, cookie cutters.

GOOP Recipe**

Goop, better known as “Oobleck” (named for a slime in Dr. Seuss’ book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck) is a fun material to play with. At one point it can be hard, and the next second, it’s liquid. As you are making goop with your grandchild, be sure to talk about how it feels in your hands.


16oz. container of Cornstarch

Up to 1 cup of water

Liquid watercolors or food coloring (optional)


Big tub for mixing, such as an under-the-bed plastic storage container

Spoons, little bowls toys for playing, scooping, and filling

How to make Goop

Place the jar of cornstarch in the tub, alongside a spoon and a couple of small bowls.

Pour in the whole jar of cornstarch, or place in by spoonfuls.

Then add water a bit at a time, and let your grandchildren enjoy the process of mixing it in. Ultimately, the cornstarch:water ratio is about 2:1.

Add a few drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring. Swirl around or mix. And just play.

*Recipe reprinted from

**Recipe reprinted (and edited) from