Create Your Own Book Featuring Family Favorites
We have one great idea here, so pay attention grandparents!  No doubt you have some of those favorite family recipes that everyone asks you to create, right? Oh come on.. we know you are holding out on sharing all the ingredients, yes?  Well, now it’s time to come clean- go ahead and start compiling your own book featuring all your family favorites and add not only the recipe, but photos or your own editor’s notes. Your family will totally love this publication, one that you can self-publish all on your own! Create your own story about each entry with tips and whatever else you want to share. After all, you are the author! We recommend: Photobook

Don’t worry, if you don’t want to type out all the family favorites, you can scan the recipes and upload them as photos that you can pop into a photo book using Shutterfly premade templates. The recipe can be the largest photo on the page so it’s easily legible, with the history written beside it as the journaling. On the opposite page,  display photos of family members or whoever else you want to put into print.

Remember, this is a perfect gift for any family member at any time of the year. Get started now- it’s a totally awesome project that will forever be cherished.