There’s nothing better than family memories and sharing them. We’ve come up with a suggestion sure to please everyone no matter what age… with a lasting memory to boot. We love the idea of creating your own backyard time capsule where everyone contributes one item and places it in a container; then organize a family ‘dig’ to bury it. Choose a date in the future to retrieve, and relive the memories together and all over again!

What you’ll need:

  1. 1. Tell everyone no matter what age to bring one small item for the capsule (encourage each member who is participating to have fun with their choice).
  2. 2. Take a sharpie pen, and write the date and family member name on each item.
  3. 3. Use Ziploc bags to wrap and seal each contribution.
  4. 4. We suggest using a plastic container to bury the items (since a tin can or box will rot and rust over time). Make sure to seal the edges with strong duct tape to keep moisture out.
  5. 5. Designate one time when the entire family is together and create your memory capsule. Discuss when you want to reclaim and dig it up! Choose the number of years or directions as to how and when someone should dig up the capsule. (The longer you wait…the more shocked you will be when the capsule is dug up!)
  6. 6. Take pictures of everyone creating their contributions and take pictures of where your capsule is buried (just in case you forget where the treasure is hidden).
  7. 7. Pass on the tradition!