Creating New Holiday Traditions
Embrace the idea of holiday chaos with the family! This is what makes times memorable and shareable, and will forever be a highlight. Don’t focus so much on the holiday muss and fuss; instead, enjoy it. Create a tradition if you don’t already have one… for instance in our home, we have a large basket.  Everyone is given a little piece of paper and they write down what they are grateful for or what adventure or experience has happened, and what they look forward to in the coming year. Kids love the idea of sharing all the thoughts no matter what age. They chuckle when an adult in the family describes a particularly embarrassing moment about their personal hopes for the future. This embrace keeps life going, instead of stifling it. 


Here are some more exciting ways to keep new traditions alive in your home, for any holiday! 

1. Create a family talent show. This tradition is perfect for getting EVERYONE involved in a fun family game… and what family doesn’t love a little competition! Of course, you’ll need judges, so make sure to devote those positions to a different group of family members each year so that it’s fair. Get creative at any age and use whatever family holiday that is coming up to encourage your family to start practicing their hidden talent! And, may we suggest promoting one family member to film each talent act so that you can review the acts as a family! This could span over a couple of days if your family holiday permits!

2. Highs and Lows, or Roses and Thorns In this classic ritual that many families play each night at dinner, everyone shares the best and worst part of their day. If you don’t like focusing on the lows, ask your family to share two good things from the day instead. This is great for big family holiday meals too because you can choose to talk about the highs and lows (or roses and thorns) of your year in a grand scheme, instead of just day to day life. 

3. Remake a Family Favorite Movie. Have an iPhone? Have a grandchild that’s better at using it than you? Yeah, us too. So now is their time to shine! Give them the director’s chair and pick out a family favorite movie that everyone loves and recreate your favorite scenes! Maybe it’s a scene from Home Alone, or the scene from Elf when Buddy eats spaghetti with chocolate sauce! Recreating a funny scene from one of your favorite movies can be so silly, fun and exciting for the entire family. And the viewing party can be as glamorous as your living room!

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