Instant upgrades just like a pro!

Just in time for the holidays, we are spilling a baker’s secret here: it’s really a cinch to make a gorgeous statement. Instead of crafting your own decorations, rely on pastry pros for personalized and often breathtaking edible elements that will brighten up anything basic (even, dare we say it, something store-bought!).



Lightly crease these delicate cutouts and perch them atop any iced treat. Use multiples in a single color family when decorating your dessert to keep the look elegant.
* Edible wafer-paper butterflies, Sugar robots, $9/12;


Any name, any color! Written in gum paste by Brooklyn artist Sarah Donato, these festive cake toppers can be print or cursive, and matte or glittery. They can rest flat on a cake’s surface or arc, rainbow style, across the top.

* 1” script letters, Signe sugar, $5 per letter;


Treat the surface of a simple iced torte as a stage for a marzipan creation, like a fanciful mermaid, sculpted by InStyle assistant editor (and trained pastry chef) Anne Kim. Her intricately crafted figures turn any confection into an adorable work of art!

* 3” handmade mermaid, Sugar High, $50 (prices for custom orders upon request);

*Reprinted from: InStyle Magazine, Instant Upgrades, September 2013, p.700.