Embrace & Celebrate Grandparents Day!

a special feature from Kay and Leslie, founders of Grandparentslink

Happy Grandparents Day!

Today, lets embrace the ideology that as grandparents, we are the essential generation that ties and bonds all future generations as they grow and evolve. With over 1 billion grandparents accounted for in the world today (yes, that’s right, one billion), the role of grandparents and their impact will continue to shape tradition, heritage, social values, and the history of human beings as members of a most important concept: family.

Grandparents are often the matriarchs and patriarchs of our family trees, handing down years of wisdom, love, and life narratives.  It’s important to acknowledge the foundation that grandparents have built and thank them for the hard work put into growing our families. Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another. Yes, go ahead and applaud yourself.

As grandparents ourselves, we have lived long, storied lives and want to share this with our grandchildren and adult children as they too grow. Years ago, each of us started a little document in our computers outlining things we would like our grandchildren to appreciate about their grandparents individually and together as a couple. We want them to be familiar with who we are as people, where we came from, and the pivotal points in our lives that we share with them. Laced with lots of facts, and a whole lot of wit, what started out as “10 Things We Want the Grandkids to Know” – has now become pages of written dialogue that one day they will read and enjoy.

“Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, the keepers of traditions that linger on in cherished memory. Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation. Their very special love sets them apart. Through happiness and sorrow, through their special love and caring, grandparents keep a family close at heart.”