Ah, Fall…this is many people’s favorite time of year.  The weather starts to cool off from long, hot summers, and there is an abundance of fun things to do outdoors.  Are you looking for low to no-cost activities for your household?  Here are some fun Fall activities that everyone in your family will enjoy…

  1. Visit a farm

Something about Fall screams, “farm” to us.  If your family happens to be in search of an outdoor activity, look for farms in your local areas. Check online, ask your friends, ask at school. Look in the local newspaper. All children love to interact with animals and see them in their own environment. The little ones will love tossing grains and watching the pigs munch down on anything that is thrown at them! Some farms will allow you to pet the animals and maybe even take a pony ride. Show your grandkids that many of the animals in your vicinity provide the local foods for farmers’ markets and farm stands.

  1. Go apple picking

The fall is a perfect time to get into the seasonal change and enjoy the crisp air that makes autumn so extra special. Apple picking is an entertaining activity for kids, especially when discovering all the different types of apples. Have a taste testing at home with your grandkids, and choose which kind of apple treats everyone would like to bake. Apple farms are great fun!

  1. Prepare those outdoor gardens for Fall

We love the idea of having a little garden in your backyard. Children love watching their favorite vegetables grow in grandma’s garden! Who knows, maybe after they see all the work that goes into the growing process, they might stop complaining about eating their veggies. And maybe they might really like them. Ha!

  1. Prepare for Fall holidays

It’s never too early to start thinking about what might be on the menu for Thanksgiving, or prepping for Halloween costumes that need to be hand stitched by grandma!  Remember to take a jaunt to the local pumpkin patch. Figure out together how you will decorate the house for Halloween. Take this time to get creative with the kids, and let their imaginations run wild. For extra inspiration, be sure to check out our Halloween Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/grandparentlink/halloween-ideas/ and our Thanksgiving Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/grandparentlink/thanksgiving/