Grandparents Link offers an array of wholesome recipes and decadent recipes for everyone’s enjoyment. We’ve posted articles on going to the local farmer’s market, and we have even talked about making pizza dough to making play dough. But, what we have not discussed is the fun of just plain ‘ole cooking with the grandkids. This can be a true bonding experience, a lesson in math, a creative adventure, and purely a downright wonderful time between grandparent and grandchild. And best of all, this activity can start at an early age and is good for all ages.


Here is the great news about cooking together:

  • You are teaching math skills, and no one knows it! When a recipe calls for 1 cup of water or ¾ cup of flour, your grandchild is learning about measurements and even fractions (½ cup + ¼ cup makes ¾). It teaches them the difference between measuring liquid ingredients in a glass measuring cup and dry ingredients in plastic or metal cups. This can even be considered chemistry.
  •  Creativity abounds. Bake a cake, or cupcakes and decorate with fun toppings. And this is the best way to let your grandchild experience different vegetables, adding toppings to them to increase the flavor, like a touch of olive oil, grated parmesan, or a sprinkle of sesame seeds or a favorite spice. Utilize your imagination and theirs.
  • There is a sense of organization, accomplishment and completion. You collect all the ingredients, put them together, and then, voila! there is something to show and eat when you are done.
  • Hanging out in the kitchen, cooking and/or cleaning, brings the family together. The participation invites discussion. It may even be a place where secrets are shared because there is such a sense of unity. Many times grandparents may have more patience than the parents. And there’s nothing like little hands licking the frosting bowl! Go ahead and make a mess. It’s all worth it—just one dirty kitchen counter, but a whole lotta special time together.