Family Friendly Top 5 DIY Projects
Looking for a little special one-on-one time with your grandchild? Put down the electronic devices and check out these 5 Do It Yourself projects that will be fun for all of you!*

  1. MAKE A SHOEBOX DOLLHOUSE-  Gather up all your shoe boxes! This project can be as simple or elaborate as you choose to make it. First, decide how many rooms (one shoebox per room) you want the dollhouse to have. Cut squares in the bottom of the box for windows. Add miniature furniture and decorations. Put the boxes in the order you want the rooms and glue them together. Take two of the box tops and lean them against each other over the house. This creates a vaulted ceiling and an attic space above the rooms.
  1. WRITE A LETTER TO AN ELECTED OFFICIAL- Children have a lot on their mind, no matter how old they are. Encourage your grandchildren to express their concerns about life, the environment, gas prices –or even just to say “great job” (if that’s how they feel) – by writing to the President, your local senator, or representative. You can find addresses for everybody from the President to state legislators at TIP: In many cases, even if it’s just a form letter, the President’s office writes back. Your grandchild will be thrilled with the reply.
  1. BOWL WITH BOTTLES- You’ll need one round, rather heavy ball, such as a basketball or a soccer ball, and ten empty plastic bottles. Fill each bottle about one quarter-full with sand or water, making them just heavy enough to stand up, but just light enough to be knocked down by the ball. Cap the bottles tightly! Find an area for your “alley”, like a driveway, a flat, grassy area, or even a long, furniture-free hallway in the house. Set up the bottles in the traditional bowling pin grid: Place one pin up front, two behind that, three behind those, and four in the back.
  1. TAKE A HIKE- GET OUTSIDE!  So what if it’s cold out there? Bundle up. More and more, grandparents are joining their grandchildren in getting outdoors and staying fit. A hike is a good way to do just that, as well as to spend time together.
  1. CUT UP OLD PILLOW CASES FOR COSTUMES & PERFORM! Your natural reaction is probably not to ruin perfectly good pillowcases. But, they happen to make great costumes, such as a superhero, ghost, domino, playing card, Greek goddess or warrior, and more. TIP: Glue on felt pieces for the patterns, instead of using markers. The costume will look so cool!


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