We know how it is when you’re stuck with a picky eater BUT we might have found the cutest way possible to solve that problem: FOOD ART!*

Moms have rated the top two things to encourage a positive attitude towards food: making mealtimes fun for your child and allowing your child to play and experiment with their food. Unlike the old days when parents became upset with their little ones for playing with their food, modern times have shown us the positive benefits of encouraging young children to enjoy their food!

Try out these fun healthy snacks/meals the next time you’re with your grandchildren:



2 carrot and tomato rice cakes

¼ red pepper

4 cm piece of celery

¼ cherry tomato

6 thin slices cucumber

8 nibs of sweet corn

1 small salad leaf


Cut the red pepper into eight little squares, about 1cm square, plus two little triangles. Cut the celery into two long thin sticks for antenna.

Create your picture: Layer the cucumber slices in a caterpillar wiggle across the plate. Add a rice cake head and a rice cake sun. Add red pepper feet and eyes, a tomato smile, antenna and a leafy snack. Finally add sweet corn sun-rays.

RABBIT FOOD ART PLATEfood-art-fun-rabbit


2 raspberry and blueberry rice cakes

1 large banana

¼ apple

1 strawberry

5 blueberries


Peel banana and cut in half. Mash one half into a puree, and cut two round discs off the other half. Then cut the remaining piece in half lengthwise from top to bottom.

Cut the apple into 6 very thin slices. Cut the tip off the bottom of the strawberry, and cut in half to create two little triangle pieces.

Create your picture: spread banana puree in a circle in middle of plate, add banana discs for eyes and long banana pieces for ears. Add blueberry eye pupils and bow tie, and some rice cake cheeks, then finish with a nose, mouth and apple whiskers.



2 tomato slices

small handful sweet corn nibs

short length of cucumber

3 baby spinach leaves

2 blackcurrant and apple stars


Cut the cucumber into thin sticks. Wash the spinach leaves.

Create your picture: lay the tomato slices on the plate and arrange the sweet corn nibs around them to make the petals. Add the cucumber stalks and spinach leaves, then finish off with a blackcurrant and apple star in the center of each flower.



2 cherry tomatoes

red and green grapes

1/2 small carrot

1 gingerbread man


Slice the tomatoes and grapes in half, cut the carrot into thin strips.

Create your picture: Lay the tomatoes and grapes onto the plate to form the bunch of balloons. Add the carrot ‘strings’, then finish off with the gingerbread man.





*Photos & Recipes reprinted from: http://www.eatsamazing.co.uk/recipes-tutorials/fun-and-easy-food-art-for-babies-toddlers