From One Grandparent to another…. Make this gift your #1 choice!
What does “that holiday morning feeling” mean to you?

Remember that feeling when you were very young- the anticipation and excitement of unwrapping a holiday present? Ok, so it may have been a long time ago (!) but watching a grandchild experience that same event brings back all those wonderful memories that we hold so dear to our hearts. And, prior to the actual holidays, a grandparent can only imagine all those thoughts of excitement running through a child’s head- just thinking about presents, and possibly listening closely in hopes of hearing footsteps on the roof!

Club Eimmie Playtime Pack

Some things change as we grow; some things take on a different meaning with every generation, but one thing is for sure that is the same – a grandparent wants their holiday gift to be so special and so meaningful, and so very much a reflection of their love. Being a grandparent brings new definition and meaning to gift giving – don’t you agree?

Club Eimmie Snow

Well, we’ve picked out the perfect answer for your gift giving needs.

Look no further: we love the idea of Club Eimmie – the gift that keeps giving all year round, and definitely builds upon your special relationship with your grandchild every month.

You can get “that holiday morning feeling” all year long with a subscription to Club Eimmie. Each month this subscription pack will include a Playtime Pack with an 18” doll outfit, accessories, and activities will be delivered to your grandchild, giving them the same feeling of excitement for a longer period of time.  You’ll know exactly when they can expect her Playtime Pack in the mail, so your anticipation will last 365 days a year way beyond one holiday or any special occasion.

CLub Eimmie Skate

Your grandchild will be reminded of you with each delivery. You’ll be there for every adventure they go on as they grow and create meaningful childhood memories. Imagine receiving monthly phone calls from your grandchild, hearing their excitement as they describe what they received.

Club Eimmie Beach

If you’re ready to help your grandchild explore their imagination, subscribe to Club Eimmie today and let the adventure begin!