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Fun Winter Kids’ Crafts that get you outside!

Fun Winter Kids’ Crafts that get you outside!


Bundle up!

Don’t let cold weather stop you from having some creative, crafty fun with your grandkids this winter! Check out these two easy activities kids will love — and won’t leave you with a ton of mess!

A Feast for Forest Friends

Help local wildlife through the lean winter months with this cool cake made just for them. Sculpt snow as shown, then decorate it with veggies, berries, corn, and seeds. Stop by often to look for tracks. You can use a wildlife guidebook to see who might be munching on the goodies.

Birdseed Cafe

fun winter kids crafts 2 ( star bird feeder)This simple nature project lets you give feathered friends a treat during National Bird-Feeding Month (February). From corrugated cardboard, cut a large star with a circle inside. Poke a hole and add a loop of twine for hanging. Spread peanut butter on both sides of the star. Working over a rimmed baking sheet, coat the star with birdseed.

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