Get Outside with The Family This Fall!

Here at GPL we are firm believers that the more outside activity we get, the happier we all will be! This is why we are always looking for ways to encourage those digital screen addicted grandchildren out of the house! We put together this list of easy, fun ways to get the entire family outside this fall! Remember to send us any of your family’s fall traditions or activities:

1. Go apple picking.
Picking apples is best enjoyed on a cool, crisp Fall day. Even as the picking season winds down, many orchards (or bakeries nearby orchards) provide locally grown apples, plus offer tasty apple treats such as pies and cider. Check out our article for the perfect apple sauce recipe! The grandkids will love taking their outdoor activity back to the kitchen!

2. Search for fall colors.
Wherever you may be, changes of fall color will obviously vary. No doubt, some geographic locations are subtler than in other places around the country. No matter where you may be- seasons display change- all you gotta do is look! Take a walk, or head to a nearby park and absorb the changing environment.   Count how many different colors you can find or even how many different shades of a single color. Take a moment and marvel at nature’s beauty!

3. Take an after-sunset stroll.
With daylight savings time ending, it means more opportunities for after-dinner walks in the dark. Bring along a flashlight (or glow sticks) to discover what your neighborhood looks, sounds, and feels like after the sun goes down.

4. Go out in the rain.
Fall tends to bring with it some wet weather. Instead of avoiding it, give in and enjoy playing in the rain. Jump in puddles, listen to the sound of the rain as it hits various objects — or try to catch a raindrop on your tongue. You know how much the kids love to splash in the puddles!

5. Play with leaves.
Children and adults alike love to hear the sound of dried leaves cracking under their feet. Go ahead and run through a pile of leaves to see how many everyone can force out from the center of the pile. Get artsy and make leaf rubbings, a leaf crown or a leaf placemat, or collect them as if you were having your own scavenger hunt.

6. Search for spooky critters.
Even after Halloween has come and gone, Fall still feels like the time to seek out “spooky” critters. Search for spider webs, hunt for nighttime creatures, observe crows, or go on a bug safari in your own backyard.

7. Savor the moonlight.
Pull up a chair or lie down on a blanket and check out the night sky right in your own backyard. You can watch the sunset, count stars, even search for constellations.

8. Hit the trails.
Fall’s cooler temps are great for hiking. The crowds at local parks and state parks tend to dissipate, making many of the popular spots that much more family friendly.

9. Document the Fall Season in pictures.
Pick a favorite natural element in your neighborhood such as a tree or park and take pictures of it throughout the season to see how it changes (or stays the same). Or create a list of items to search for all at once, then look for those items outside.

10. Create a few outdoor holiday traditions.
It’s easy to spend a lot of time indoors during the holidays. But there’s a lot of fun waiting to be had outside. How about a thankfulness walk during the Thanksgiving holiday? Or decorate for wildlife with birdseed ornaments hung from the trees in your backyard. We had fun one year going on a hike with Santa hats on, then enjoying a holiday-themed picnic (complete with homemade holiday cookies).


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