With the use of all the technology so readily available, we are definitely taking more photos than ever before.  Forget the accordion photos that fall out of your wallet or purse to show off the most amazing grandchildren, grandfriends and all the family. Give your photos a deserving place to be showcased. And get started now… remember, a picture can say a thousand words, but what good is that if you don’t print them out to be viewed!!!


Here are some fabulous ideas that everyone can treasure:


Sticker Album:  This is a relative of the conventional photo albums.  You can upload as many as 90 pictures from your Instagram library and this website will turn them into a booklet of mini stickers.  A book of 1” stickers- Instagoodies, $14/90 stickers @ www.instagoodies.com


IPhone Case:  Again, using your favorite Instagram shots, simply drag and put them into an online template and produce a collage that can be printed into a shiny iPhone case.  Casetagram, $35 @ www.casetagram.com


Coasters:  Here you simply upload an image and have it printed onto a tile with a modern matte finish, and a cork backing to prevent table scratches to boot! Classic ceramic tiles $13 ImageSnap@ www.imagesnap.com


Shadow Box:  For the true artistic talent … venture beyond the predictable mat and frame routine and add a shadow box to your wall collection.  Different from the conventional frame, a shadow box give you depth to create a collage of three dimension ; pictures, rocks, shells, leaves, flowers and the such can share space with your favorite photo or map.  Get creative…  tape a map of where you live, or a map that reflects your travel area inside a shadow box ( at least 1 “ deep) and pin snapshots from the subject matter.   Place memento’s or trinkets on the bottom for that added dimension and personalization.  Let your imagination run wild here. For 20” shadow boxes visit www.ikea-usa-com